Frank Burley - Web Developer

Web Designer and Developer Based in Portland, Oregon


Project Brief

The owner of Cromwell Hill asked me to redesign his site for the needs of the company. The basic template was kept but I assisted the process by setting up the UX/UI to keep up with modern websites from other construction companies in the area.

Website Design

Using Squarespace, I used the tools given as well as custom CSS styling. The design also was setup to help with SEO. New pages, new photo gallery, and an audit for SEO using Chrome's Dev Tools.

Logo Design

Two simple designs were added. One minimal logo was created for the header and one other was created for Open Graph links and the favicon for browser tabs.


Each page was set up for better SEO using keywords in the descriptions. Google analytics was entered as an external API as well using Google's Search Console.

Serviced Provided

  • web

    Website Redesign

  • layers

    Logo Design

  • location_searching